Thursday, 11 December 2008

The brave people of Sark

There has been an election on the small island of Sark. The Barclay brothers, who own a number of businesses on the island insisted. The Barclay brothers are billionaires who own a number of businesses on Sark as well as a nearby island. They cast themselves as the defenders of democracy.

Shortly before the vote took place, the Barclay brothers issued threats against the voters of Sark. The Barclay brothers wanted their own candidates to win. They therefore warned the voters of Sark that they would withdraw their investments, causing poverty among the islanders, if the islanders voted
in a way the Barclay brothers didn't like. This threat was published in the Daily Telegraph, which the Barclay brothers own.

The people of Sark voted for the candidates they wanted. And now the Barclay brothers have announced that they are closing all their businesses on Sark, making 100 people - a sixth of the island's population - unemployed.

The people of Sark showed that their understanding of democracy was far better than that of the Barclay brothers. They refused to be bribed or blackmailed into voting as the Barclay brothers wished.

I have occasionally bought The Daily Telegraph. As long as the Barclay brothers own it, I shall never buy it again. People who try to bribe and blackmail voters in the exercise of their democratic rights are not fit to own a newspaper.


gerardmulholland said...

I have read with disgust the statements by ‘representatives’ of the Barclay Brothers to the effect that the inhabitants of Sark, having against their traditions been required to express their opinion democratically, have chosen massively to support those who oppose the efforts of the brothers to enshrine in the island’s laws the character of a personal fiscal paradise. By immediately closing all the businesses they own on the island and –apparently- sacking all their employees, the brothers have declared war upon this ancient community. Nobody asked the Barclays to move to Brechou and nobody is asking them to stay but to move into a community and then seek to take it over by threats and menaces is colonialism of the worst sort. The good people of Sark would now be best advised to take a leaf from the experience of the President of the United States. After centuries of free market feudalism they face economic disaster unless they swallow their principles and act firmly and with resolve. The new Chief Pleas should designate the Barclay Brothers to be public enemies and outlaws and nationalize without compensation all their property within the jurisdiction of Sark – which includes the island of Brechou. Otherwise these two will starve the islanders out of their houses and homes.

Kate J said...

I agree with gerardmulholland... but they'd better make a more thorough job of it that "our" government has in nationalising various banks. Many on the left - myself included - used to say "you can't control what you don't own" in urging Labour governments to nationalise things like, yes, the banks. But now it seems we can't control them even when we do own them. So they go on repossessing people's homes, refuse to lend to small businesses experiencing cash-flow problems, and no doubt carry one investing our hard-earned savings in unethical places like the arms industry or tobacco companies... (well, not mine, because I'm with the Co Op). Mys son got very angry when he found out just where NatWest, alias RBS, was putting his money. He only opened his account with them for the free 4-year student railcard.
But as for Sark, yes the people there could occupy the hotels and shops owned by the Barclay brothers, and run them for themselves, why not. And maybe invade the Barclays' own island too!

Anonymous said...

What dreadful behaviour.kllrchrd