Sunday, 4 May 2008


I've been blogging at yahoo since December 2006. I liked my little yahoo blog. It started casually, on Boxing Day, when I had nothing to do. I thought I'd let a few friends know about it and keep it as a sort of public journal. But I started commenting on other people's blogs, and visitors started dropping by. The blog ranged further than I'd expected but I enjoyed its modest layout, and seeing what I could do within yahoo's format.

For the past couple of months, yahoo has been playing up. Those friends and visitors who managed to post comments, said how difficult it was. I found it hard to access my own blog and comments, and I knew it was there. So I've finally decided to mirror the blog on Blogger. I'll start by posting a few old posts and then add to it.

Of course, Blogger won't be the same. A blog depends on its look and a good blog should be written with a sense of its layout and the potential of its format. I'll have to get used to the template I've found on Blogger - and I'll gradually build up this site.

I'll try to post everything at both sites for a while. I don't know how well it will work.


Anonymous said...

I too have a 'side' blog at wordpress tho I still prefer my slower lj blog.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, its kllrchrd.